Berlinspiriert Social Media: Liebster Award – We have been nominated!


Berlinspiriert Social Media: Liebster Award – We have been nominated!


Wenn man einen Blog im Internet betreibt, ist es wichtig, dass man sich auch mit der Community um einen herum auseinandersetzt. Dazu gehören natürlich Blogger, die ähnliche Topics abdecken, wie man selbst. Aber zum Beispiel auch „Blog Awards“, die man durch verschiedene Aktionen erreichen kann.

Berlinspiriert ist nun durch einen Berliner Blogger Kollegen, Strollology Berlin, zu dieser Ehre gekommen und wurde, wie z.B. Nancy in Berlin oder der Digital Kosmonaut, für einen tollen, aber dennoch kleinen Blog im (Berliner) Internet nominiert. Vielen Dank noch einmal an Strolology Berlin! Dort wird auch sehr ambitioniert über Interessantes aus Berlin gebloggt. Folgt Strollology, wie wir, auf FB, dem Blog und Twitter.

How it works:

When you receive the award, you post 11 ran­dom facts about your­self and ans­wer 11 ques­ti­ons from the per­son who nomi­na­ted you:

  • pass the award onto at least 3–5 other blogs (some say 11, but let’s keep it sim­ple) and ask them 11 ques­ti­ons. Make sure you tell them you nomi­na­ted them!
  • you are not allo­wed to nomi­nate the blog who nomi­na­ted you!
  • make sure the blogs you choose have 200‑3000 or less followers

Alles, was wir nun noch tun müssen:

Fragen von Strollology Berlin beantworten

  1. What’s your favo­rite of all pla­ces in Berlin?
    – „Tempelhofer Feld“ and the Airport Tower. Whenever i see the tower, it reminds me of my early childhood. Since there are no plains anymore it´s even quiet.
  2. Did you plan to move to Ber­lin, or did you just somehow end up here?
    – I had no choice and nobody asked me. I was born and raised in different parts of the city: Tempelhof, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf. Berlin is „home“ for me.
  3. … Why not Munich?
    – I never had 2 choose.
  4. Do you remem­ber your first impres­si­ons of Berlin?
    Probably the face of my mom.
  5. What’s your favo­rite neighborhood?
    I really love Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf. I live and work there. But I think every district of Berlin has it´s favorite neighborhood. For me for example, the Bergmann-Kiez in Kreuzberg or Winterfeld-Kiez in Schöneberg.
  6. Have you ever been to Hellersdorf?
    – Yes, but that was long time ago and before i´ve started blogging.
  7. What’s it that makes Ber­lin so spe­cial for you?
    Everything makes Berlin special for me. Maybe sounds a bit cheesy, like taken from a postcard, but i mean it. I think the constellation of Berlin and it´s consequences are mostly what´s special about it. All districts have their own center and the „coolest“ place changes every now and then. It´s attractive to many different people for different reasons and a social and cultural melting pot. I think I´m blessed growing up in such a multicultural, always changing surrounding. Its harder to focus then to find new inspiration here.
  8. … It’s history?
    – Is part of my identity. Just because of it´s history Berlin is what it is today, like we all are. So it´s good.
  9. Are you a freelancer?
    – I was for most of my life, but now I´m a Trainee in an online agency.
  10. What do your par­ents think about Berlin?
    – They were born here ,both still live here and still like it ,I guess.
  11. Ever tal­ked to your neighbors?
    – Depends. I always try to keep contact with some of my neighbors, Its good to have somebody around you, that cares about you, even if its just a bit, like helping you out with some sugar. In my surrounding i know the owners and workers of the shops i frequently go to.

11 Fragen an Berliner Blogger:

Es hat uns sehr großen Spaß gemacht, die Fragen von Strollology Berlin zu beantworten, deshalb lehnen wir unsere Fragen an die von Strollology Berlin an und stellen 11 Fragen an Berliner Blogger. Lernt Friederike von @Freiseindesign, @Steffi Mehlhase von crackyourbones und die @Waldnase von InBerlin besser kennen!

  1. Zu welcher Berliner Subkultur zählt ihr euch?
  2. In welchem Geschäft kennt man euch mit Namen?
  3. Wie bewegt ihr euch durch Berlin?
  4. Wovon würdet ihr in Berlin auf jeden Fall abraten?
  5. Womit verdient ihr euer Geld?
  6. Was ist dein letztes Projekt?
  7. Wo wohnst du und wo würdest du gern wohnen?
  8. Was würdest du mit 1000 Euro machen?
  9. Wenn ihr etwas an Berlin verändern könntet, was wäre das?
  10. Welche Farbe hat deine Zahnbürste?
  11. Was inspiriert euch an Berlin?

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